Any business involves risk: from employment disputes and equipment failure, through to public liability. You’d be surprised to hear about the things that can, and do, go wrong. That’s where our experience provides the advice that allows you to be covered for things you didn’t even know could happen.

Business Insurance Options include:

Business Assets

Protect your stock, machinery and equipment in the event of robbery, fire, flood or other events.


Business Interruption

Cantabrians have a very real appreciation of the far reaching consequences that events like earthquakes have on business.  Business interruption insurance covers your loss of profits or other costs incurred as a result of an event that disrupts your business.


General, and statutory liability insurance for staff, employers and directors

This covers the liability of you and your staff, should they cause damage to the environment, a customer’s property, or public property.


“We’ve been with Bruce for a long time, so we were OK after the earthquakes, but lots of our friends paid a heavy price, with inadequate business interruption insurance.”


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